Thursday, February 27, 2020

Discussion 7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussion 7 - Essay Example A number of books and movies have been written and made on how the war affected the lives of people as well as modern societies around the world. The major power countries lost millions of soldiers; these brave men fought hard and sacrificed their lives ultimately. However, the war also affected civilians and people from everyday walks of life that had no hand in it. The face of politics, economies around the world, as well as public opinion underwent a strong change because of the First World War. Germany was at large made to pay for the reparation of the damages that it had caused all around the globe, and most other countries tried to adopt a more liberal path of government in order to serve the people better and establish democracies. There was widespread inflation all around as people were forced to pay high sums of money for the basic necessities of life. Industrialization had not yet taken a strong hold over many countries, however, it began to, because people were in vast nee d of jobs. Pay cuts were rampant as more and more people began to die early and were not able to afford food for their families. The use of human labour also declined a great deal as more and more machines came into use. The effect of the War on civilians thus was such that it had a long term impact on their lives. Entire families were affected in a bad way due to the down sloped economy.

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